Purchase of a New Car Under the Cross-border Cooperation Project Activity

Regional Health Inspection in Blagoevgrad has purchased a new car under the cross-border project activity cooperation. The project focuses on the needs and measures to be met undertaken to improve the provision of health services in restricted areas access to highly specialized medical activities across the cross-border region by purchasing 1 passenger minibus.
The need to deliver 1 passenger minibus is due to
the following significant factors:
• the population of the cross-border area is facing significant health challenges, especially in remote areas and areas of concentration of special/vulnerable/ population groups.
• improving access to highly specialized medical activities for vulnerable groups of the population (in isolated and socially disadvantaged communities) through the implementation of activities for the prevention of socially significant diseases in the cross-border areas.
• Blagoevgrad District is located in the southwestern part of the Republic of Bulgaria. On the north of the district borders Kyustendil district and Sofia district, east to district Pazardzhik and the Smolyan region, to the south with the Republic of Greece and to the west with the Republic of Northern Macedonia.
The terrain is very rugged, in places high mountainous. There are 14 municipalities, such as the settlements, 280 in total, are mainly located along the Struma and Places. Road communications are not good, especially in the highlands and high mountain areas. On the territory of Blagoevgrad region are reported you are increasing the number of patients with socially significant diseases in the restricted areas access to highly specialized medical activities.
• Regional Health Inspection- Blagoevgrad is part of the Unified Rescue System for the protection of disaster population meeting the requirements of the Disaster Act. The duration, durability, and ability to transfer the effect of the activity is demonstrated with the clear goals set for Regional Health Inspection-Blagoevgrad in the project for implementation of activities for the prevention of socially significant diseases in the areas with limited access to highly specialized medical activities for vulnerable groups of providing teams of specialists in need of disaster response and public health crisis, as well as capacity building for healthy behavior in the population and in order to develop long-term sustainable ones preventive health care practices across the cross-border region.